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Film Thickness Measurement

Method Principles
  Schematic Gauge Setup
  Example: Lacquer  Coatings
  Example: Vapor Deposition
  Example: Webcoater


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Film Thickness Measurement - schematic gauge setup

he interference spectra of thin transparent or semi-transparent layers are measured and analyzed by our TranSpec and TranSpec Lite film thickness gauges, as shown in the schematic figure right beside.

The sample is illuminated through a flexible bifurcated fiber optics cable, which is connected to the spectrometer and a halogen lamp.

Schematic Gauge Setup for Film Thickness Measurement

The reflected interference spectrum is guided back to the spectrometer, where the spectrum is analyzed and the film thickness is computed.


TranSpec Lite film thickness gauge
TranSpec Lite film thickness gauge

TranSpec film thickness gauge for inline measurements
TranSpec film thickness gauge for process control